MySharing - A Platform for Sharing

Our company is a SHARING platform in the world, what is the meaning of SHARING? SHARING is share everything your own or idle to other people who are need. we provide the platform let everyone can share everything in our website, including car pool to Singapore, room, carpark, camera, printer or others equipment. SHARING provide opportunities for you be friend with other passengers or users, SHARING reduces the number of vehicle on the road, solve congestion problem and car park lacking problem. SHARING save money, full use of resources and save the environment. We also offer Sell & Swap platform for users. Sell and Swap is an act of exchanging or selling one thing to another. Swap something extra or idle to change another you need, Sell item or product to other and make friend from transaction. Reduce any wastes and full using in resources in the world. Make a better world!

Car pool

MySharing HITCH is a platform for matches drivers and passengers who share similar routes on every day or a trip. We allow driver and passenger post and make a negotiation in our website. MySharing Hitch not just passenger and rider, let’s be friend in this fun journey, share cost and reduce the number of vehicles on road. Let’s start smoothly journeys!


MySharing SPACE is a platform to share or rent a space or room where you need. Don’t let your studio, warehouse, office, room, carpark or other space become useless. Don’t let the spider web hang on your space, use your space make a money.


MySharing SHARE is a platform for share anything you own that your service or shop information, you can try to share your information to others. Don’t skip any chance possible, its can help you befriend with other or earn money. Try to share and try to make a deal!

Sell & Swap

MySharing Sell & Swap is a platform for selling and changing.We allow users sell your item or product in our website, or use a thing or equipment that is extra to change a thing or equipment for you need. Reduce any waste, save environment and make friend from a transaction.